McDonald's Guest Experience Leader in PENSACOLA, Florida

Guest Experience Leader

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Characteristics of a Guest Experience Leader:  Friendly  Smiles  People Person - willing to help others  Knowledgeable of the kiosk  Exceptional Appearance

As the Guest Experience Lead you greet each guest, interact with them and create an inviting atmosphere in the dining room. Make sure the guest’s experience is a great one and guide the guest to place their order at the kiosk. Greet and connect with the guests  Face guests as they approach  Open the door for guests  Greet guests immediately and enthusiastically; make eye contact, smile genuinely, and be friendly Invite the guests to place their order on the kiosk. Look for ways to engage with the guests showing interest in the kiosk and offer assistance if needed. 


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McDonald’s Corporation is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.