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Servers are often the final touch point for hospitality and satisfaction. They have an opportunity to create a lasting impression in hope that guests will want to visit the restaurant again. Servers make sure guests have everything they need to enjoy a great experience — and if there’s anything a guest needs, the server takes care of it by “making it right."

Servers Create an Exceptional Experience by: -Greeting guests with a smile and eye contact -Using the guest’s name (if you know it) and say “thank you” when delivering the meal. -Performing the last quality check & makes sure the meal is perfect for delivery. -Fixing issues and makes decisions to satisfy the guest. -Asking if there’s anything else they need and take care of their requests such as offering refills. -Offering to get extra sauce, more napkins or extra condiments they may need. -Talking about our new products or your favorite combinations. -Picking up trays or trash when guests are done eating.

The server helps to create this feeling by making guests feel special and appreciated. As you might already guess, servers have many opportunities to demonstrate their Brilliant Hospitality skills with our guests!


This position is about attending to the guest’s every need — making sure the entire meal is just the way the guest wants. A successful Server is able to: -Communicate well with griller/topper, concierge, service and production crew, the shift manager and others. -Pay attention to details. -Is friendly and can recognize when guests need something — and is willing to quickly make it right -Able to initiate natural conversation with guests -Cares about the guest’s ultimate overall experience and enjoyment and is driven to fix any problems so they won’t happen again.

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McDonald’s Corporation is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.